Our Story


We are Todd and Bree and we own The Knotted Grain Co!

We have two kids who love to play outside while we try and get as much work done as they will let us. Todd is a full time Welding Engineer and Bree is a full time SAHM. We both struggled to find work we could do together that kept our interests and would be profitable.

After many years of wondering when we would finally start a business together we decided to go all in and purchase a CNC machine. Once we got her up and running we went from making cutting boards and other smaller items to large displays for businesses.

We love to make your dream designs come true for your business to help bring customers into your store/booth! Investing in high quality displays truly make a big difference in your business. We hope our displays inspire confidence that they have some of the best displays made on the market!


Thank you for shopping with us and please don't hesitate to message us with any questions or concerns.